New Powerhouse Real Estate Company Has Historic Legacy: Dominion Real Estate Advisors and Dominion Realty Services.

Bingham Farms, MI:  A pair of new full-service real estate firms; Dominion Real Estate Advisors and Dominion Realty Services (“Dominion”), made up of several well-known names in the local real estate industry, was announced today.

The principals of Dominion are Peter Burton, Robert Katzman, Larry Goss, Eric Banks and Andy Boyce. This group comprised a majority ownership of CORE Partners Associates and CORE Construction Services (CORE), both of which are winding down due to differences in strategic vision and alignment amongst the former principals.

“Dominion is the next chapter in the ongoing evolution of our collective experience, built on three generations of success in the industry,” said Peter Burton. “Our grandfather would be proud to see his legacy, which he began over 100 years ago, continue to thrive,” added Robert Katzman, Burton’s first cousin.

The firm will provide brokerage, consulting, property management, asset management, receivership, construction and development advisory services.

Dominion operates a more than 7 million square foot commercial, industrial, multifamily, retail and association management portfolio, ranking them as one of the largest privately-held full-service platforms in the metropolitan Detroit market. Additionally, Dominion has one of the largest brokerage and advisory platforms comprised of millions of square feet across all real estate sectors, with nearly 200 listed properties.

Dominion’s principals are currently involved in over 2 million square feet of new ground up light industrial, mixed-use and multifamily developments locally.

Eric Banks, who will head up brokerage services for Dominion, with a full complement of experienced commercial real estate advisors, remarked; “We’re very excited to move forward with the new enterprise, building on our rich history and the significant market growth we have experienced, while continuing to provide the high quality services and staff that our team is known for. The future looks very bright!”

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Dominion Press Release 8-16-18

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