Bricks + Mortar Group Sells Marijuana Growing Facility in Warren Medical Marijuana Zoned Warehouse to Become New Cultivation Business

Medical Marijuana Zoned Warehouse to Become New Cultivation Business

Waterford, MI: Bricks + Mortar Group, a Michigan female-owned and operated real estate company, specializing in property zoned for marijuana use, is excited to announce their latest sale. The property is a 12,500 square foot warehouse, sitting on 0.38 acres. It is located on Amber Street, in Warren, Michigan. Bricks + Mortar Group sold the property on January 21st, 2020, with a sale price of $1.1 million. Jessica Pendleton, of Bricks + Mortar Group, represented the buyer, while BMG’s owner, Stephanie Goodman, represented the seller.

The medical marijuana zoned industrial building lies on a quiet street in Warren, near 9 Mile and Groesbeck Roads. It is equipped with heavy power, an oversized A/C unit, a monorail crane, bay doors, and plenty of security measures, making it the perfect location for a cultivation facility.

After Michigan’s recent decision to allow both medical and recreational marijuana businesses, the demand is rising for city-approved property on which to place the facilities. Many municipalities are approving new marijuana business applications, as the tax revenue can be highly beneficial to the city.

About Bricks + Mortar Group: Founded in 2015, Bricks + Mortar Group began with a focus on investment real estate and business brokerage. The company was rebranded in 2017 to focus exclusively on the cannabis industry, and has become a widely known industry leader in cannabis real estate and aggregation of related data. The robust team of experts at BMG are able to provide everything from brokers price opinion reports, business valuations, investment advice, ordinance reviews, and more. The company has quickly established themselves as the top marijuana real estate brokerage in Michigan.

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