Bingham Farms, MI, January 24, 2019

The City of Troy Planning Commission approved a new 9,844 square foot mixed-use retail center at their regularly scheduled hearing of January 22, 2019. The development project is located at the south-east corner of Tower Drive and Crooks Road in a portion of the parking lot of the 901 Tower office building.

“This new development will certainly add to the excitement and desirability of the North Troy office area, and our adjacent office tower” said Larry Goss, Dominion/BK Executive Vice President of Development Services, who represented the owners of the 901 Tower office building at the Planning Commission hearing.

The property was rezoned in late 2017 to the OM Office Mixed Use District, which is intended to bolster this high-traffic business and employment hub along Crooks Road with an attractive and vibrant mix of convenient amenities for residents and office users in the area. The 2017 Troy Master Plan designated this corridor as part of the “Northfield/north troy” area, encouraging this type of development. Since the zoning update, several new developments are under construction along this busy thoroughfare.

Eric Banks; Principal and Group President, Brokerage Services at Dominion adds; “Today’s workers expect greater connectivity, convenient amenities, and local vitality that comes from these types of uses, clustered in beautiful, pedestrian friendly scale. That’s exactly what is being delivered here.”

The stunning architecture was designed by NORR Architects, Engineers and Planners, and offers an elegant yet modern motif with clean lines and a bold mix of building materials, featuring a color palate of greys and browns with split face CMU and siding designed to look like wood, with metal accents. Both the highly visible front elevation on Crooks Road, and the east facing rear elevation, are architecturally attractive.  The nearly 10,000 sq. ft are currently envisioned for up to 3 “fast-casual” restaurants, 2 with outdoor dining areas, and an additional commercial services tenant. The project was also granted a coveted drive-thru serving one of the fast-casual tenants after meeting the Planning Commission’s high standards required for the Special Land Use approval of the drive-thru. Parking for customers is conveniently located in both the front and behind the building. A new pedestrian path along Crooks Road will connect from the retail center to the existing sidewalk, as well as to the 901 Tower office building.

Now that the center is approved, pre-leasing efforts will begin. Construction could start as early as Summer 2019.

901 Tower Drive Retail Press Release 1-24-19

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